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Texas Smoke-Free Ordinance Database

Welcome to the Smoke-Free Ordinance Database

Studies continue to demonstrate exposure to secondhand smoke (SHS) is causally linked to cancer and other serious health consequences among children and adults. Placing restrictions on smoking in public places is a key strategy to limit the public's exposure to SHS. This website presents and describes a sample of Texas municipal ordinances designed to restrict exposure to secondhand smoke collected over more than twenty years of ongoing research. More information about our inclusion and exclusion criteria is available in the Methods section of this site.

This website allows you to create fast, easy reports. For some municipalities, these reports can allow you to see:

Please note that this database may not reflect the current protection levels in any given municipality. For the most up-to-date information about smoking ordinances, please visit the website for an individual municipality, explore municipal code, or contact the City Secretary directly. For more information about disclaimers and study limitations, please check out the Disclaimer section of this site. We welcome feedback and information about recently-passed smoking ordinances. If you would like to share an ordinance with our research team, please contact us.

Texas Smoke Free Ordinance Database